MSCA-PF intensive training for MSCA-PF applicants (for MUNI & UP only!)


WHEN: 6th March 2023, 9:00 - 16:00

VENUE: Link to a ZOOM meeting room will be sent to registered participants no later than 24 hours before the event.


- Key features of MSCA-PF and the motivation behind this programme - Why does Europe spend the funds? What effects do they want to see?

- Strategic apporach to proposal preparation - from resources you should secure and use/ask for & workplan to reviews, consultations, edits and finalisation steps

- Proposal preparation that will be “project-managed” with clear intermediate milestones, meetings with superivsor and consultant + deadlines

- How to create a "project canvas" and "graphical abstract"  - clear overviews of your project for detailed reasoning and discussions with supervisor

- Specific aspects of the project proposal in direct relation with the project proposal template - each section of Excellence, Imapct & Implementation

- Communication and collaboration with your supervisor and the host instituion - get them on board for success!

- Appropriate writing style & examples of good practice.

- Our specific support activities including seminars, workshops and individual consultations

- Q&A and next steps

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