Crowdhelix Network Webinar

Webinar on Crowdhelix Network for MU researchers and research support staff. Link to the webinar will be sent to registered participants!

Crowdhelix Director: Michael Browne 

Account Manager: Natalia Grzomba 

Technical Platform Demo: Cais Jurgens 

University Representative: Jakub Zeman, Masaryk University

Research Staff from Masaryk University interested in registering on and benefiting from the Crowdhelix Open Innovation Platform - Up to 100 via the Zoom meeting link above


As a network, we are keen to encourage user engagement on the Crowdhelix virtual platform. As members are aware, and should they choose to allow, the platform can sustain the profiles of an unlimited number of staff members from each organisation. This access is at the discretion of the organisation’s leader at an institutional level and their administrative access on the platform. The purpose of this webinar is to showcase the platform’s capabilities to members of staff at Masaryk University, how they can profile themselves, engage with other users and benefit from the platform’s matchmaking capabilities for participating in EU funded research projects in Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe.


1. Welcome
2. Crowdhelix update
3. Demonstration of Crowdhelix Platform Features  
    a. The Helixes
    b. Recent Activity, Features, Posting and Engaging
    c. Profiling and Groups
    d. Notification Settings and Recommender Engine
    e. Q&A
4. Closing Remarks

​Introduction of virtual platform - Crowdhelix Network - and opportunities it offers regarding international collaboration and participation in international projects, namely Horizon Europe. 



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