GA ČR 2024 - workshop for researchers (MU only)

The workshop will be held in hybrid mode (in English):

  • Brno, Komenského náměstí 2, room 300 (room capacity 51/58)
  • Zoom Meeting Room (please make a note to the "Questions in advance" section in the Registration form)

Be ready for the Czech Science Foundation Calls 2024 - JUNIOR STAR, Standard, International, Lead Agency, and POSTDOC INDIVIDUAL FELLOWSHIP Calls.


- Calls announced in 2023, limits, specific aspects

- Specific conditions for - Standard/International/LA grants

- Specific condition for - JUNIOR STAR/PIF Incoming and Outgoing

- Submission and Evaluation processes

- Success rates in previous years

- Open Science conditions - practical understanding and setting of Open Science principles for your application


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