MSCA-PF Open Science practices

The webinar is open only to MUNI MSCA-PF applicants and MUNI grant support staff!

This webinar will help you to address the section on open science practices within your MSCA-PF project proposal. The lecturer, Mgr. et Ing. Jiří Marek, is a MUNI specialist in the field of open science and provides support to MUNI research related to OS, including data management planning, FAIR principles and data dissemination and promotion.. You will be able to discuss your proposals'  content regarding open scence principles and to prepare a concise and credible section on OS practices.

What you will learn at the webinar:

  1. Open Science in Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe – key differences and novelties
  2. Brief introduction of Open Science practices including MUNI’s support
  3. Basic concept and skills (pre-print, post-print, green/golden OA, Sherpa Romeo, DMP, etc.
  4. How to implement Open Science practices really horizontally into your project proposal and project implementation
  5. Specific issues and their solutions, Open Science and risk management
  6. Example of Open Science section in your project proposal
  7. Q&A and discussion on your „assignments“

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