MSCA-PF seminar for future supervisors of MSCA-PF Fellows

We will briefly introduce the key features of the MSCA-PF and explain why having an MSCA-PF fellow on your team is beneficial. Next, we will focus on specific aspects of the project proposal in direct relation to the project proposal template. Our goal is to provide clear instructions on:

  • where you contribute directly with your own text,
  • where you need to critically review and complement the proposal,
  • where collaboration with the candidate is necessary, serving as a guide and a source of unique information (on methodology, your international networks, your research team/network, and your institution, etc.),
  • the appropriate writing style, accompanied by examples of good practice. We will also discuss and provide information on:
  • the process of proposal preparation with a clear and agreed schedule, including intermediate milestones, consultations, and deadlines,
  • support activities available for you and the MSCA-PF candidates, including seminars, workshops, and individual consultations.

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