On-line WORKSHOP to support your MSCA-PF proposal preparation - BLOCK 1 - EXCELLENCE

Registration: We will contact you to confirm your registration. Preference will be given to those who have been in contact with research support. Other runs of the workshop at a later date are possible, and we will keep you informed.

Spending these three days of concentrated effort with us will save you a lot of hard times during proposal preparation.

You should bring your project proposal synopsis – broader text than an abstract including brief insights on the impacts of your project – and your CV.

What to expect:

Overall objective:

To develop your understanding of the MSCA-PF scheme (structure and purpose) and your (MSCA-PF) grant writing skills.


Excellence section - why identification of gaps matter most when you want to prepare persuasive concept, objectives, trainings and match between you and the host

Methods and approach:

  • To collect, or “mine” information you should use for your proposal development
  • To get familiar with reviewers’ perspective; to learn how to „keep the reviewer in your mind“
  • To introduce the main project tools and “language” they expect you to use in the proposal
  • To share our experience, tips, and observations we have gained as grant writing support staff


  • “Frontal” teaching
  • Activities helping you to achieve understanding through experience
  • Independent work and sharing (writing, drawing, searching for original views and approaches)

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