Workshop to support your MSCA-IF proposal preparation (UKB location)

WHERE: UKB, Kamenice 5, A35 - CEITEC MU, Meeting room 129

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the limited availability of seats, please wait for the confirmation. We will prefer candidates  to be hosted at the MU. Only for candidates applying this year.

Spending these two days of concentrated effort with us will save you a lot of time, futile work, groping in the dark and frustration.

You should bring your project proposal synopsis (broader text than an abstract  including brief insights on the impacts) and your CV.

What to expect:

Overall objective:

To develop your understanding of the MSCA-IF scheme (structure and purpose) and your (MSCA-IF) grant writing skills.

Specific objectives and main foci:

  • To offer and help you adopt appropriate approaches to development of the three major proposal sections – Excellence, Impact, Implementation, their interplay, as well as the art of improving and incorporating your CV in the application
  • To collect, or “mine” information you should use for your proposal development
  • To get familiar with reviewers’ perspective; to learn how to „keep the reviewer in your mind“
  • To introduce the main project tools and “language” they expect you to use in the proposal
  • To share our experience, tips, and observations we have gained as grant writing support staff


  • “Frontal” teaching
  • Activities helping you to achieve understanding through experience
  • Independent work and dissemination of the results (writing, drawing, searching for original views and approaches)

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